Graduate Support

The Graduate Support program offers academic, financial, career and communal support to alumni of all ages, helping graduates to persist and succeed throughout their educational journey.

A Lifetime of Support Through a Game-Changing Model

Staffed by two full-time educational persistence professionals, our Graduate Support Program offers targeted resources and programming to ensure that the academic growth, character formation and call to service of our graduating students are supported and encouraged through high school, college and beyond. We don’t send our graduates out into the world alone, we continue to walk with them throughout their educational journey and careers.

Some of the most frequently provided Graduate Support opportunities include:

  • Last Dollar Aid: Alumni enrolled in college who face an insurmountable gap in their financial aid package and expected family contribution can apply for a Last Dollar Aid grant. Since 2015, $146,000 in grants have enabled 16 students to persist in college.
  • College FAFSA guidance: Applying to college and navigating financial aid requests and packages are challenging processes. The GSO regularly guides alumni and their families through its experience relationships with colleges.
  • Regional college tours: The GSO organizes several regional college tours a year for Nativity alumni in high school to explore their interests, get a sense of campus life and make connections with potential colleges.
  • Internship connections: Through the breadth and generosity of the Nativity Prep community network, the GSO is regularly able to connect alumni with internship opportunities in a range of industries.

Colleges Frequently Attended by Alumni