Graduate Support Program

The Graduate Support Program offers academic, financial, career and communal support to alumni of all ages, helping graduates to persist and succeed throughout their educational journey and beyond.


A Lifetime of Support

Staffed by two full-time educational persistence professionals, our Graduate Support Program offers targeted resources and programming to ensure that the academic growth, character formation, and call to service of our graduating students are supported and encouraged through high school, college, and beyond. We don’t send our graduates out into the world alone, we continue to walk with them throughout their educational journey.

The GSO works in partnership with our alumni, families, high schools, colleges, benefactors, companies, and community organizations. If you are an alumnus looking to re-connect, a company or organization that would like to offer internship opportunities, or benefactor looking to advance the work of the GSO, please don’t hesitate to connect with us on our “Connect With Us” page.

Resources and Programs:

  • High School Placement

    Our High School Placement program works closely with all 8th grade students and families as they apply, are admitted to, and enroll in a high school where they can thrive. The Graduate Support Program provides the following services and more:

    1. Educate on, and recommend, high schools (Independent/Private, Catholic, Boston Public)
    2. Host high school admissions representatives
    3. Coordinate interviews and tours at high schools
    4. Communicate with high schools and advocate for Nativity students
    5. Support high school admission test prep instruction and registration (HSPT, SSAT, ISEE)
    6. Guide families through the financial aid application process
    7. Organize and submit all applications

    Nativity Prep alumni have attended over 100 unique high schools in the region, including some of the nation’s highest-performing independent and Catholic schools.

  • High School Success

    The Graduate Support Program continues to walk with all Nativity graduates at their respective high schools. We provide the following services for all high schools students:

    1. Visit with students as cohorts on their respective campuses to check-in
    2. Connect students to academic supports/tutoring when necessary
    3. Coordinate exchange of textbooks from student to student
    4. Communicate regularly with students’ high school guidance counselors/advisors
    5. Assist families in reapplication of financial aid and billing form year to year
    6. Provide crisis intervention/support when necessary (academic, social, emotional
    7. Connect students with potential summer job opportunities

    Working with students to identify the high school that is the best fit for them, as well as regularly connecting and supporting alumni during their high school journey, has played a major role in our 100% high school graduation rate.

  • College Access

    Graduate Support provides high school juniors and seniors with the necessary tools and knowledge to explore, apply to and matriculate to post-secondary education.

    1. Host a multi-day, multi-campus college visit trip for juniors
    2. Support with SAT/ACT test registration and preparation
    3. Building of college lists to promote best match schools
    4. Provide essay and application support
    5. Guide families in financial aid applications (FAFSA, CSS Profile)
    6. Direct to scholarship recommendations/nominations and support applications
    7. Manage college matriculation process to prevent summer melt
    8. Manage Last Dollar Aid- Graduate Support’s college tuition assistance program

  • College Persistence/Completion

    Graduate Support provides college-attending students with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully complete their post-secondary education or explore alternative paths.

    1. Counsel in college course selection and degree planning
    2. Provide social/emotional transition support
    3. Conduct campus visits for academic, social and financial check-ins
    4. Support financial aid renewal, financial aid appeal process and scholarship applications
    5. Connect student to necessary campus resources
    6. Support students in summer internship/job search
    7. Provide career development and networking opportunities

  • Career Development

    Graduate Support leans on the breadth and generosity of the Nativity Prep community network to connect graduates with career opportunities in a range of industries:

    1. Provide resume review and feedback
    2. Connect graduates to professionals for informational interviews, job shadows, etc.
    3. Practice and refine interview skills with graduates
    4. Support the applications to internships, jobs and/or career programs
    5. Partner with businesses/organizations to connect our graduates to networking and career opportunities
    6. Provide guidance in the exploration and discernment of possible careers

  • Alumni Engagement

    As our graduates transition in life beyond college and/or into their careers we see them as a valuable part of our community and look to keep them connected to Nativity for years to come:

    1. Host several social events and reunions a year (summer BBQ, Holiday Party, Spirit Dinner)
    2. Connect graduates through various social media avenues
    3. Strengthen the alumni network with career networking, volunteer opportunities, internship placement, mentoring, donating to Nativity, etc.

Malik A. Richard

Director of Graduate Support & Admissions

Phone: (857)-728-0031 x115


Xavier Etheridge

Assistant Director of Graduate Support & Admissions

Phone: (857)-728-0031 x116