A Jesuit Education: Forming Men for Others

As a Catholic, Jesuit institution, Nativity Prep does more than transform one young man’s life- it forms compassionate “men for others” committed to serving their families, communities and the common good. Nativity Prep is an official educational apostolate of the USA Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus, building on a global education tradition that is over 400 years old.

Grad at Grad

The “Grad at Grad” is a list of five characteristics that all graduates of a Jesuit school should attain by graduation. Nativity students demonstrate these characteristics and grow in them during their time, and beyond.

Open to Growth 

Nativity students are challenged academically and spiritually and learn to be open to these challenges. 

Intellectually Competent 

Nativity’s rigorous curriculum produces students who are ready for academics in high school. 


Through religion courses, regular masses and a deep tradition of Jesuit education, Nativity grads explore their spirituality. 


The Nativity community is filled with love, and our students and alumni can attest to the love they feel at Nativity. 

Committed to Doing Justice

From climate change rallies to working with tutors to serving the community themselves, Nativity graduates understand what it means to do justice, and many alumni go into careers of service.