Upload Documents

To complete your son's application, please fill out the required form below and upload your documents. You can also email your documents to admissions@nativityboston.org

Required Documents

  1. Copy of most recent tax return (just first two pages of form 1040A or equivalent document)
  2. Copy of last report card from previous year
  3. Copy of most recent report card from current year
  4. Copy of special education plan (IEP, 504, etc.) if any
  5. Please download or print the 2 teacher evaluation forms provided by Nativity, and ask your son’s current teacher(s) to fill them out and send to admissions

Once your application is submitted, please upload additional documents below. You may upload one or more documents at once.

  • Copy of the household’s first two pages of your most recent tax return 1040 form (or equivalent income documentation)
  • Final report card of 2nd or 3rd grade
  • First report card of 3rd or 4th grade, when available