Athletics, Extracurriculars and Service

The work of forming boys from Boston into "men for others" is not just for the classroom. Nativity Prep offers of a wide variety of sports programs, extracurricular activities, community service opportunities and faith formation events.


Involvement in athletics and team sports encourages our students to be active and helps them to develop leadership skills and teamwork no matter their role on the team.


Afternoon extracurricular activities broaden our students’ horizons, lay the groundwork for lifetime passions, expose them to opportunities they may have never had otherwise, and provide forums for social justice discussions that develop strong, thoughtful voices.

Community Service

Each student is expected not just to participate in community service events each year, but to learn about the social issues and injustices facing those they serve and to reflect on their experiences of accompanying those in need.

Faith Formation

From religion classes to retreats to faith-based service opportunities, students of all different faith traditions are asked to reflect on their relationship with God, their neighbors and themselves. These questions and opportunities to reflect critically on mature questions prepare students to seek purpose and vocation in their lives and communities.