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We are now accepting applications to the 4th Grade for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have any questions about the application, please email the Admissions Office at or call (857) 728-0031 x20.

How to Apply

1) Complete the application online (below) or by downloading the application and mailing/dropping it off.

2) Submit the required supplementary application documents online, by mail, or by dropping them off in person.

  1. A copy of the household’s first two pages of your most recent tax return 1040 form (or equivalent income documentation).
  2. The student’s 2nd grade final report card
  3. The student’s first report of 3rd grade when available. 
  4. Please, also include copies of all special education plans (IEP, 504 etc.) if any.

3) Have the student’s current teacher complete and submit the Reading and Math Evaluation Forms directly to Nativity by mail, email ( or fax with attention to the Admissions office. Our fax number is (857) 728-0037.

Once Nativity receives these documents, the student will attend a small group evaluation and the parent(s) will be interviewed. (Instrucciones en Español)

Nativity Prep Application

  • Student Information

  • Nativity Prep accepts male students for the 4th grade. On a case by case basis and based on class sizes, students can be accepted entering the 5th and 6th grades.
  • Family Information (Parent 1)

  • Family Information (Parent/Guardian 2)

  • Family Demographic Information

    (For school internal data purposes only, has no influence on or relation to the Admissions process).
  • Financial Information

    Nativity is a tuition-free school, committed to serving students who come from low-income families. To determine eligibility, please answer the following financial questions and submit tax return form 1040 as proof of income along with the completed application.
  • Student/Family Overview

    Please answer the following questions. They will help us know your son better and determine if Nativity has the appropriate resources to best support him:
Thank you for completing the application form. To fully complete the application, please upload the additional documents when possible (see below). You can also submit them by email to, by fax to (857) 728-0037 or in person.


Application Document Upload

  • Copy of the household’s first two pages of your most recent tax return 1040 form (or equivalent income documentation)
  • First report card of 3rd grade, when available
  • IEP, 504 etc. if any